Rosary Chain


Rosary Chain 

She is intricately woven crystal chain exuding an energy so magical, she completely captivates the wearer.

Each chain is made by trimming our standard cable chain into 1-1.5cm lengths and weaving a genuine 3-3.5mm faceted or rounded crystal into the chain. 

We continue this process to gentle sew together the length of your custom chain and finish her with 4cm of standard chain at each end.

She includes a 2cm extension and crystal at her clasp.

Rosary chain can be made with almost any crystal in our collection, we have almost 35 different crystals in stock, including baby herkimers.

Please not your crystal choice in comments or allow us to intuitively tune into you and amplify the main crystals energy by selecting something that works in harmony with her.

She is a statement piece on her own or best paired with some standard chain layers.


She adds elegant texture to layers.

All our Rosary chain is made by hand.

Expect unique and subtle differences between chains.

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