Sacred Sword Earrings

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Sacred Sword Earrings


A sacred representation featuring the power of the Ancient sword, symbolising protection, strength and tapping into an elite frequency of internal courage.

A deeply masculine piece bejewelled with gemstones and crystals to summon the feminine power

Symbol and Crystal Meaning

Our Sacred Sword earring uses depicts the Ancient sword embedded with pink tourmaline and a hand engraved tip.

Slicing through energy that does not serve and evoking a protective barrier around the wearer, the Sacred Sword inflicts its pain on those who dare to cross the wearer gently and kindly but without holding back.

Bejewelled with Emerald cut Citrine that adorns the ear like ethereal Royalty, but also calls in the power of the solar plexus chakra, manifesting dreams, goals and reality.

Dishing out a fierce energy with a feminine twist.

Embedded with the frequency of 333 ~ of wholeness and of creative awakening.

Kill them with kindness


MOUNT: Features 7mm x 5mm Citrine in ear crowned like royalty with 333

DROP: Sword drop 28mm

MATERIAL: gold vermeil, stirling silver, rose gold Vermeil 

CRYSTAL: 7mm x 5mm Emerald cut Citrine, 2mm light pink tourmaline