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sage bundle 

Sage ~ YIN Energy - feminine 

"Stagnant energy inhibits growth ~ move all that has served you to embrace flow and welcome new" 

The burning of Sage to purify your space, move energy or unwelcome spirits is an ancient ritual used by many tribes and cultures.

It is vital that we respect this sacred practice by acknowledging the purpose of this powerful practice.

Our sage bundles can be use to cleanse or smudge.

Each Bundle is handmade with an intention for purpose, each ceremonial bundle is created with ethically sourced, Australian grown white grandfather sage which is organic and pesticide free.

Our bundles are created in lots using flowers and herbs that are seasonal and sourced form our local Ishk organic garden.


What is Sage/Smoke Cleansing 

This is a ritual that can be performed with our bundles to move stagnant or energy that is stuck, heavy or thick.  Sage cleansing can also move unwanted spirits and attachments from your space.

Its important to cleanse your space regularly if you have many visitors or people through the space, if the space is feeling thick or heavy energetically, or there is disruptive - argumentative energy affecting those in the space.

Sage cleansing should be regular practice as part of your spiritual maintenance to ensure a flow of energy.  

What is Smudging?

Smudging is a sacred form of ritual preparation, that in ancient times, was performed by specific members of the tribe.  Smudging runs deeper than just "cleansing" the space or moving spirits, it is more of an invocation of spirit before a sacred ritual.

It is important to acknowledge the ancient sacredness of using Sage to Smudge before a ritual.  

Smudging calls in spirits, it draws attention to you from the spiritual realm and is recommended to be performed only by experienced elders or shamans to ensure positive invocations of spirit and ancestors.

How To Sage 

  • Set Intention - create the spell

The most important part of Sage cleansing is set the purpose of the intention to cleanse. This invokes the energy that you wish to impart in the space after moving the old energy. Set an intention to bring in abundance, light, happiness and love. Call in your guides or archangels to help with the shift 

  • Open the windows and doors

You need that energy to move somewhere , open all the doors and windows to encourage flow.  Never Sage in a closed space, you are moving energy and need flow. A lot of the heavier energy will fall to the ground, vacuuming or sweeping afterwards is a good way to ensure all the residual energy is moved.

  • Light the Sage

  Light the Sage and hold a small bowl underneath her to catch any loose ashes.  Make sure the sage has a decent smoke coming from her and no flames. You may wish to move the smoke around with a feather.

  • Move through your space 

Move through you space, from room , feeling into the corners and darker, heavy spaces spreading the smoke through the space and keeping your intention strong in your mind.  We like to chant a small ritual over and over one that ask of what need to be moved and what need to be invite in  - this can be anything empowering to the space.  Have the intention in your mind of the energy you wish to bring in. Don't forget your outdoor spaces and the thresholds from which energy enters and exits your space. 

Chant example - " I release all negative and lower vibrational energy from this space, it is not welcome here, I call in love, abundance, health and divine light. "  

  • Closing the ritual 

Once you have moved through the areas you have cleansed, close the ritual.  If you have called on your guides or archangels, give thanks and gratitude to them. Extinguish the sage by placing it in the sand for a few seconds and save the rest to use again in your next cleansing. After saging, your space may takes some time to "settle" but the energy should feel light and uplifted.

  • Moving unwanted spirits with sage 
Unwanted spirits or lower vibrational beings can be moved into the light with sage, although we recommend this be performed by a medium or someone with expertise in this practice.  

Our Summer bundles include white ceremonial grandfather sage for purification and moving energy, rosemary for protection and lavender to bring peace and calm into the space.  We place a rose in each bundle which is deeply symbolic of the renewal and trusting of bringing in the new energy to flow 

All our cleansing bundles come in a recycled hessian bag with a hand written channeled intention, instruction and a crystal.