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Element ~~ Fire

Embedded Gem ~ Blue Sapphire 

The Archer Centaur looks beyond what the naked eye sees

Sagittarius is the freedom of spirit and soul, and has a sense of deeper knowing, a refined intuition and understanding of what lays beyond.

The arrow is aligned to shoot for the stars, the moons and all her dreams with a whimsical light hearted energy.

The centaur has a deep spirit and connection with soul, and although she may not flaunt this, her perception of others is more than she cares to let on.

She seeks adventure and craves knowledge that elevates the soul

Should her arrow become misaligned , she must take time to center and ground herself and adjust her aim with intention.

A wild horse enjoys much freedom and misadventure, however with gentle guidance she is a free spirited gifted soul

Healed Sagittarius

The healed expression of Sagittarius has a sparkle in her eyes that dances in the light. She is fun, strong and free, filling the cups of many around her.

Unhealed Sagittarius

The unhealed Sagittarius have a silver tongue and can be extremely lost in the sense of self, unaware of her people, her tribe and their emotions and who they hurt in anger.

Blue Sapphire 

Blue Sapphire is embedded around the Archer to cool the fire and keep the focus on soul alignment and intention. 

She helps Sagittarius remain focused on her journey without getting lost in the fantasy in a deeply spiritual way. 

Elemental of Fire 

She is connected to the element of fire, who is powerful and impulsive. The intensity and passion she puts into what crosses her path or that which she chooses to pursue is done with her whole heart and soul.

** our healed and unhealed expressions of our zodiac can be ever flowing and everchanging throughout our life journey. It may be triggered by events, wounding or the stories in all our chapters on the journey.

Sagittarius pendant measures 16-18mm and is available in 14k soft yellow gold vermeil, 14k rose gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

She features 5  x 1.2mm aquamarine faceted crystals.

Each Pendant is placed on a 42 cm -48cm chain 

Please note in comments if you would like her shorter.

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