Seed Beed Chain

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Seed Bead Chain


Our seed bead chain is made using handmade corrugated beads that a delicately engraved with etchings on her surface creating a classic textured piece.

Each bead in 14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill or sterling silver is hand threaded onto our standard cable chain at 4cm intervals.

The golden and silver beads are a gentle elongated oval shape measuring approximately 4-5mm long. 

3-4 beads are place on each side of the chain, depending on length and is coded at 444, the number of creation, rebirth and new beginnings.

We channel elegant sophistication with the seed bead chain reminiscent of a classical era gone by , the timeless woman.

All our seed bead chain is finished with a chain extension and intuitively chosen crystal at the clasp.

Please not our rose gold seed beads are rounded rather than elongated as the image portrays.

She adds elegant texture to layers.

All our Seed Bead chain is made by hand.

Expect unique and subtle differences between chains.