Snake Ring

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A ring that evokes an awakening and transformation of the soul. 

Symbol Meaning 

The snake energy slithers gently around the finger as she taps into the root chakra, unravelling a powerful force - life force. 

The very essence of you. 

The snake is a powerful symbol representing a shedding of the old to consciousness, awakening the third eye and crown chakra in perfect unity.

Ishk Jewels

All our jewellery is made by hand with natural crystals and high-quality materials.  Each Ishk piece of jewellery in the essentials collection comes in a plush golden or pink velvet bag.

We also include a handwritten card with the meaning of your piece.

If you order multiple pieces, we may place them in one bag for sustainability purposes. If the jewels are a gift, please place a note in comments section.


MATERIALS : Bronze, Stirling Silver 

Please note that this piece is made from Bronze or Stirling Silver.

Sizing is fully adjustable