Soft Willow Chain

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Soft Willow Chain 

A softer version of our classic willow chain beaded by hand.

Our chain is encoded with the number 333.

333 is the number of soul purpose and alignment.

If we are called to, occasionally we will code your chain 444

444 is the number of intent and new creation. She is the number that ultimately holds the vibration of creation. 

Soft willow features 2 sets of 3 golden or silver beads on either side of the chain and is finished with an intuitively chosen crystal on each side of your chain positioned at the nape of the neck which is a known energy point on the physical body known as the spiritual gateway. 

This is a powerful energy centre, and we are very careful to intuitively tune into a crystal that will amplify and work in harmony with your main crystal. 

Each soft willow is finished with an extension and a crystal at her clasp

Our soft willow chain is a meditative process and a labour of love.  

Soft willow chain can be added to any of our crystals or pendants as an upgrade.

Soft willow chain is a more minimal version of our classic willow, but has so much magic weaved into her. 

Coding and crystals make her a unique piece created for your souls own healing.

She adds elegant texture to layers.

Expect unique and subtle differences between chains.