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Chakra : Solar Plexus   

Mantra "I surrender all that holds back my soul and lean into solar plexus activation for action"

Sol is the very essence of the divine masculine, an energy of which we all embody in  synergy with the divine feminine. 

His energy imparts an active frequency that stimulates the solar plexus and sacral chakra of which all dreams and goals originates. 

The place in which the seed is divinely planted, Sol is the call to action and drives a motivation to bring forth and manifest inspiration into reality.

Our Sol amulet is imparted with deep symbolism , featuring a hand drawn eye in his mount, and evoking the energy of 33, in the three embossed symbols on each side of the eye.

The eye symbolises an awakening of the healed divine masculine in the wearer, together with the amplification of 3 embossed symbols representing 33, which allows this energy to be used in a frequency of balance and passion, for creation and divine alignment.

Embedded at his core is rare Indian natural golden cats eye. A curiously iridescent stone that seemingly shapeshifts, moving strangely from opaque iridescence to translucent.

Indian cats eye wards off danger, and protects against evil entities.

The significance of using cats eye in such a powerful amulet is to harness the masculine energy to move forward in a positive, focussed and intentionally purposeful frequency. 

specifications ~

45cm chain featuring a 2cm extension

gold vermeil

amulet measures 15mm x 20mm

embedded with a 2mm natural golden Indian Cats Eye gem


** Rope chain is not available in rose gold  


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