Starseed Amulet

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An amulet that vibrates at the frequency beyond this realm on astrological planes.

The keys to the frequency of home, evoking the call to your star seed roots.

Remember where you came from 

Stone & Symbol Meaning 

Rose Quartz & Moonstone 

Our Starseed amulet is a direct connection back to our origins, a communication amulet that sends a signal back home.

An unspoken symbol that confirms your connection to your Starseed origin 

A disc that channels the feeling, emotion and very being of home, beyond this galaxy and into the next.

We have placed Rose quartz in our Starseed amulet to activate the most powerful energy portal within our soul - the heart chakra.

Infused with and marquise moonstone gem that connects the soul into the vibration of home.

This feeling of ease and heart opening energy allows the soul to connect into the frequency of astral travel and other worldly vibrations

Embossed with the planet Saturn, who rules our karma.

A masculine imprint in the Starseed disc allows us to sink into the lessons and growth planet Earth offers us which are invaluable.

Our journey in the Earthly realm can feel heavy at times, with our Starseed connection disc keeping us connected to our home.


Sold as a standalone amulet on a chain 

This piece is not part of our interchangeable range 

LENGTH: 48cm chain with 2 x 2cm extensions

CRYSTAL: Marquise rainbow moonstone measuring 6mm and 4mm solitaire rose quartz

AMULET: Amulet is solid and measures 30mm x 20mm

An ishk original design

MATERIALS: 14k Gold vermeil amulet, Rose Gold vermeil or Stirling Silver chain, natural gemstones on 14k gold fill, rose gold fill and Stirling silver chain 

Styling tip: choose fairy Herkimer's for extra-terrestrial goodness 

Please place crystal preference for triple goddess and crystal soft willow in comments

 You can view our chain styles here 

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