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Element ~ Earth

Embedded Gem ~ Emerald

The grounded and stoic bull.

Do not be fooled as the bull is strong and grounded appearing in the illusion of his divine masculine yet chooses to reside in the feminine energy.

The Taurus connection to nature and the Earths heartbeat is inspiring.

Taurus hears the whispers that the Earth bestows upon her.

She glides effortlessly through the world with a strength in her energy. She cannot be influenced by others and makes her own decisions in a confident and beautifully balanced flow. 

The loyalty and stability of the bull is both her strength and her downfall as she stands her ground in an energy so fierce and deeply connected to Earth, it is unrivalled.

Healed Taurus

The healed expression of Taurus is grounded, connected to Earth and nature in a way that the whisperings of her magic guide her to soul alignment. Taurus in her balanced expression can walk through a field of noise, chatter and influential opinions and ideals and still make her own decision and stand her ground.

Unhealed Taurus

The unhealed Taurus cannot release past trauma or hurt resulting in standing her ground for the wrong causes This results in the illusion that the Taurus is "stubborn" when in fact the reality is , she is so connected to Earth, she finds it so uncomfortable to release and let it go.  Forgiveness is freedom, this is her lesson. Taurus can form unhealthy attachments to material goods and wealth, this can be balanced by practicing release to remain in alignment.



Emerald sits in the soul star chakra, floating effortlessly between the feminine energy of the crescent horns, she also sits below the bull in the power number of 3.

The placement of the Emeralds reminds the Taurus 

"As above, so below" 

She works to ensure the Taurus remains connected to Earth, however in an energy of humility.  Emeralds work into the heart and third eye | crown chakra, for divine balance and the opening to new possibilities and flexibility in the ability to release to move forward.

Elemental of Earth

She is connected to the element of Earth,  much deeper than the other Earth signs.  She holds her ground, finds change a challenge, yet is beautifully connected to Earth on a level that many cannot begin to comprehend. The element of Earth is Taurus vitality and in her essence its important that she hold a sacred connection with this element.

** our healed and unhealed expressions of our zodiac can be ever flowing and everchanging throughout our life journey. It may be triggered by events, wounding or the stories in all our chapters on the journey.

Taurus pendant measures 16-18mm and is available in 14k soft yellow gold vermeil, 14k rose gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

She features 4 x 1.2mm Emerald faceted crystals.

Each Pendant is placed on a 45cm - 50cm chain featuring an extension option of 2cm

Please note in comments if you would like her shorter.

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