Third Eye Chakra Ring Charm

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Third Eye Chakra Ring Charm 

Intuition, Seeing, Connection 

Our Chakra mini ring charms are hand drawn with symbology that activates that particular chakra.

Designed specifically as a meditative charm, whereby the sub conscious strokes, feels and spins the ring between the fingers, connecting with the frequency that corresponds to that chakra and activating her on a deep healing level.

Your Third Eye is your ability to see beyond the physical plane 

The third eye is one of the most powerful energy vortexes on the body.

She is your ability to see beyond this realm, she is connection to your intuition - your sixth sense

Third Eye activation is POWERFUL as it allows us to tune into all our senses to guide us through life, including our natural psychic gifts.

This chakra is an activation of our magick. 

Out of Balance?

Choose to work with the third eye when you feel an inability to tune into your intuition, or unable to visualise, dream or connect to source.

The attack on the third eye has been prevalent through out history, because it is well known that those that have mastered the art of the third eye activation, have awakened a deeper access to ancient knowledge and our true power or potential.

Awakening and activating the third eye is life changing.

Our chakra charms will slide over most existing ishk chains, or choose to create your own chakra centrepiece on our new chakra chain.

We recommend 3 chakras at a time to ease into the energy of finding balance and activation.


6mm diameter solid ring charm 

Embossed hand drawn all seeing eye symbol (third eye symbology)

14k gold vermeil and stirling silver 

Embedded with a 1.2mm natural iolite

Placed on a 40cm chain with 3 extensions to 46cm 

Available to purchase separately

mix or match your metals .

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