Tigers Eye mini healer

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tigers eye 

Chakra : Sacral Chakra & Solar plexus

Mantra : "Embrace your fierce, for your power is great"

A shape shifter, tigers eye can adapt, serve and shift into many frequencies.

She balances toxic emotions and calms the over active mind fed by doubt and uncertainty. 

She works to encourage a positive mental shift of consciousness, awakening courage and belief in self

The stone of warriors, choose her frequency for overcoming challenges or to see through the veil of obstacles

This beautiful energy encourages the soul to follow through and pursue their ideas, without fearing failure, but understanding to try again in a creatively different way. 

She is also extremely grounding.


Crystals measure approximately 15mm x 5mm 

This design features two additional amplifier crystal beads at the back of the neck near the life force portal. 

The purpose of these crystals are to work in synergy with the main crystal.

Please choose your additional crystal and place in comments or we will intuitively choose.

All our tigers eye is sourced and hand selected by our gemologist in India.

We use AAA grade tigers eye only which features the pinkest hue you can envisage.