Unity Amulet

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Unity - Spiritual Compass Back Home 

Return to Oneness, Back To Unity

Our Unity Amulet is the second chapter in the story of Earth as she is right now.

In a time where uncertainty is high and the collective energy feels disconnected from one another, we have designed and embedded powerful symbolism in an amulet that speaks in the soul's language.

She is called Unity, she is your way home , your spiritual compass back to oneness, to love.

The return to the soul's truth.

A collaboration with my soul sister, Talyea, using ancient esoteric knowledge and bringing forth the symbols from ancient theban script into our realm.

Unity is embedded with symbolism and codes that dissolve division and amplify the power of coming back to each other, back to oneness

Decoding Unity ....

The trident symbol in numerology represent - 3 ~ creation and reconciling into oneness.

The divine masculine in action connected to the elementals of fire and air and the coming together of the divine feminine and all her receptive being with the elementals of water and earth, all of which were tapped into in our activation ritual.

Look closely at the imprinted soul spiritual compass, as she maps the North, East, South and West, all corresponding to the elements.

She is the way home, encapsulated inside the protective cirlce (hence the shape of our amulet)

The circle represents spirit - ether.

Finally, powerful symbolism embedded at the crossroads of our mapped soul compass - infinity

Infinity cannot be broken, there is no divide.  Infinity is endless and connected always - as our souls are meant to be - to each other.

At her heart is the emerald, a powerful ancient heart stone bringing it all back to one.

This code was not fabricated, it is authentic, it is ancient symbolism burning and etchin its message deep into the sub conscious.

Unity was activated on the full moon in ritual using all the elements, calling in the quarters. This harnessed the energy of the sigil and amplified its intention ~ releasing it into the ether , into the universe

All who wear Unity shall embed this powerful message on all they cross paths with.

All who lay eyes on Unity shall feel her power and her message.

Sigil’s are symbols that have been created with purpose and intention and hold magical powers once activated.

Sigils date back to ancient times as early, if not before christ.

The most significant historical recording of a powerful sigil was king Solomon’s sigil, named the seal of Solomon

As the story goes, the sigil for the seal of Solomon was a gift from the angelic realm, and engraved by God himself.

It was gifted in the form of a ring and the symbol symbolises super human wisdom and the rule by divine grace.

The symbols were used to seal the commands of spirit in the form of both good and bad - light and darkness


Amulet is 22mm 

Embedded with genuine 1.3mm precious emerald 

Amulet is interchangeable with other ishk chains 

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