vasonite mini healer

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free flow 

Chakra : heart and crown 

Mantra : "I surrender into childlike energy and flow like the rivers running through the mountain side, with grace and ease"

Our first matching mumma and bubba necklace

Vasonite holds an intensely cleansing energy that fills the chakras simultaneously, creating a flow of brilliant radiating frequency.

She allows us to access a meditative state of ease, and drops hurdles that we place on our journey to pave the way for a smoother path.

Anxiety, fear, worry falls away and achievement is absolute in her flow.

Her energy can be likened to a waterfall cascading down a mountain side, effortlessly  in harmonious pace.

Vasonite is release of what hold us back, she is confidence and flow in a loving , natural energy that encourages  us to experience fun on the way.

Vasonite is rooted out from Mt Vesuvius , India.


Crystals measure approximately 15mm x 5mm 

This design features two additional amplifier crystal beads at the back of the neck near the life force portal. 

The purpose of these crytsals are to work in synergy with the main crystal.

Please choose your additional crystal and place in comments or we will intuitively choose.